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Sealife Sea Dragon Flash

MSRP: $399.95
Price: $359.00
You Save: $40.95 (10 %)
Item Number: SL963
Manufacturer: Sealife
Bring Out Bright, Brilliant Colors:

The powerful and compact Sea Dragon Flash makes it simple to add light to your image down to 200' (60 meters). Reducing backscatter and producing rich, deep colors in underwater photos, the Sea Dragon Flash is compatible with SeaLife camera models, and other brands of underwater cameras, that use an internal flash.

Fine Tune Brightness for the Perfect Shot:

Variable power adjustment and large controls make it easy to fine tune brightness, while leaving the flash in Auto Mode automatically adjusts brightness for optimal exposure. A quick-release button detaches flash head for aiming in hard to reach areas. The flash has an effective range of 8' (2.5 meters), with a guide number of 20m full power/1.5m low power, with a power adjustment range of 8% to 100% in auto or manual modes. The flash has an angle of coverage area 80° horizontal x 60° vertical (100°-degrees with included diffuser). The Sea Dragon Flash provides a color temperature of 5700K.

The control functions of the flash are Power (on/off), Test (program) and Brightness (manual/auto). The flash is powered by 4 AA batteries (NiMH recommended) which provide 150 flashes per set. The recycle time is 1-second at 50% power or less and 5-seconds at full power. The flash is negatively buoyant, with a housing made from fiber-reinforced polycarbonate with marine grade stainless steel hardware. The flash head measures 5" x 4.5" x 2.5" (12.7 cm x 11.4 cm x 6.4 cm), weighs 18 oz. (509 g) with batteries and uses dual NBR O-rings (lube included) seals. Like the video light the flash has a waterproof battery compartment.
<br. with="" the="" to="" and="" mount="" fits="" all="" sealife="" brands="" of="" cameras="" tripod="" mount.="" auto="" learn="" mode="" easily="" syncs="" pre-flash="" any="" digital="" camera.="" universal="" plug="" which="" connects="" dragon="" cable="" olympus,="" &="" sea="" other="" underwater="" housings="" using="" standard="" 7mm="" optical="" flash="" port.="" <br="" includes="">
Easily Expand with Flex-Connect Accessories:
Quickly and easily expand Sea Dragon lighting with Flex-Connect - add grips, Flex Arms, trays and other accessories with just a "click!" Flex-Connect allows you to transform your camera set from compact to full-featured in just seconds, providing a quick way to adjust to any dive environment. The Sea Dragon Flash comes with a flash diffuser, Flex-Connect Single Tray w/ standard 1/4-20 mounting screw, Flex-Connect grip, optical cable and universal flash link adapter, spare O-rings, O-ring lubricant, O-ring removal tool, instruction manual and Sea Dragon Case.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Flash SL963 Features

  • Sea Dragon Flash:
  • Sharp, Bright Underwater Images
  • Powerful Lighting to Bring-Out Amazingly Bright Colors in Underwater Photos
  • Reducing Backscatter and Eliminating Shadows
  • Compatible with Underwater Cameras with Internal Flash and Tripod Mount
  • Adjust Settings for Any Dive Environment
  • Variable Power Adjustment
  • Large Controls
  • Easy to Fine-Tune Brightness
  • Auto Mode Automatically Adjusts Brightness for Optimal Exposure
  • Quick-Release Buttons: Detach Flash Heads for Aiming in Hard to Reach Areas
  • Guide Numbers: 20m Full Power, 1.5m Low Power
  • Power Adjustment Range: 8% to 100% in Auto or Manual Modes
  • Controls:
    Power (on/off)
    Test (program)
    Brightness (manual/auto)
  • Coverage Angle: 80° Horizontal x 60° Vertical and 100° with Diffuser
  • Color Temperature: 5700° Kelvin
  • Power: 4 AA Batteries (NiMH recommended), Batteries Not Included
  • Burn Time: 150 Flashes
  • Recycle Times: Less than 1/2 Power, 1-second and 5-Seconds at Full Power
  • Effective Range: Up to 8' (2.5 meters)
  • Depth Rating: 200' (60 meters)
  • Buoyancy: Negative
  • Construction:
    Fiber-Reinforced Polycarbonate
    Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Weight: 18 oz. (509 g)
  • Dimensions: 5" x 4.5" x 2.5" (12.7 cm x 11.4 cm x 6.4 cm)
  • Includes:
    Optical Cable and Universal Flash Link Adapter
    Optical Cable Plug
  • Plugs for Olympus, Sea & Sea and Housings using 7mm Optical Cable Flash Port
    Spare O-Rings, O-Ring Lubricant, O-Ring Removal Tool
  • Tray and Arms:
    Instantly-Connects Light/Flash to Set with Just-a-Click
    Easily Disconnects with a Push-of-a-Button
    Quickly-and-Easily Expand Sea Dragon Lighting
    Flex-Connect Dual Tray and 2 Flex Connect Grips
    Durable Construction: Armor Grip: Rubber
  • Owner's Manual

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